Nemesis Now

The Nemesis now range of collectible mythical statues and soft furnishings feature internationally reknowned artists like Anne Stokes, Aly Fell, and Linda Ravenscroft. Their boundless creativity and fascination of all mythological forms including gothic,pagan and ancient religious cults have created beautiful collectible sculptures and figurines which make great gifts. Browse our extensive range of statues and sculptures from fairies to angels and all things Gothic.

Nemesis Now 


  • Fairy Figurines

    The Nemesis Now range of exquisite collectible Gothic Fairys and Nature fairys. Beautifully detailed and hand painted Gothic minuature statues based on the mythology of fairys and supernatural folklore.

  • Burners and T-light holders
    The Incense and Oil Burners and T-light holders from the Nemesis Now Collection For great gifts from Dragon Head Burners to Stonehenge T-light holders
  • Cherubs and Angels

    Cherubs and angles from the Nemesis now collection ready to fall from heaven to your frontroom.

  • Wall Pieces
    These beautiful pieces from the Nemesis Now collection will look great on any wall.
  • Cushions
    Range of Cushions in many different styles designed by the artist Anne Stokes and brought to you from the Nemesis Now Collection. These Polyester Cushions printed with different designs from unicorns to gothic fairys.
  • Goblets and Tankards

    From the Nemesis Now collection,these gothic goblets make excellent gifts and interesting table wear!

  • Skulls and Reapers
    A range of Skulls and reapers in an array of different poses and brought to you from the Nemesis Now Collection. Detailed resin and hand painted Skulls and reapers.
  • Tile and Mirror Boxes

    These boxes are decorated with beautiful fantasy art images and are from the Nemesis now collection.

  • Dragons

    A range of resin cast dragons all hand painted in intricate detail, these dragons radiate the magical feeling that captivates so many into collecting these majestic creatures. Capable of giving a boost fantasy beauty to even the dullest shelf, take a look through our range for yourself and protect your treasure like a dragon would or gift them to a fellow dragon enthusiast.

  • Wolves

    Wolves of different colours and sizes from Nemesis Now

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Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items